I Found The Origin Of The Word Mascot… For All You Nerds Out There.

Baseball Mascot

There is not a place I don’t go where I get the questions:

Why do we call them mascots? Why don’t we just call them crazy costumed hairy guy running around the stadium?

Ok, so nobody asks me questions like that, but I am sure a lot of you mascot nerds out there are wondering where the word mascot comes from and how it got related to the overstuffed goofy yellow running around the court.

Well, Charles Hodgson, producer of Podictionary – the podcast for word lovers takes a look at the word mascot, and how it came to be synonymous with lucky charms.

People started to call themselves or others mascots and because inanimate objects could be lucky too, by the first world war fighter pilots were said to bring mascots with them on their missions…

You can read and listen to the Podictionary at Charles’ Thursday morning blog on the Oxford University Press website.

Click here to read and listen about the word mascot.

Consider yourself educated… don’t let it happen again.

BTW, the picture above is the earliest picture I could find of a mascot. It’s from 1917 and depicts American medical staff bringing their bulldog mascot to a baseball game against British officers.

Lucky PETA wasn’t around yet.


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