Swoop From Eastern Washington Doesn’t Need Dance Training

In the FCS (that’s Football Championship Series to you BCS lovers) they like to crown a true national champion through a playoff, like it should be.

They also like to have mascot dance-offs at pre-championship game tailgate celebrations.

In this case though, I smell a setup.

Swoop from Eastern Washington University, and yoUDee from the University of Delaware were put on the spot at this pre-FCS game warmup for a little dance off…

After you watch the video, it will be clear that yoUDee, a former mascot national champion, was thrown to the wolves, or in this case, the Eagle as a sacrifice…

First the Red Field, now the crazy dance moves… what’s next, hot cheerleaders? Eastern Washington, you surely are moving up in the world.

2011 FCS Championship Mascot Dance Off video after the jump:


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