Jaguars Mascot Jaxson Deville Is Still Crazy… Goes Bungee Jumping

Oh my, just when I think the Jacksonville Jaquars mascot has pushed the limits of what he can do (and what the NFL will allow), he goes and pushes the mascot line one step further.

Before Sunday’s home opener at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jaxson took a dive from the top of the stadium lights…

Don’t worry, NFL films was there to catch the jump in all it’s glory.

OK what’s next Jaxson? Maybe lighting yourself on fire?

Photo via Flickr By: misspfaff

Jaxson Deville Jacksonville Jump video after the jump:

Update: The picture was taken at the September 12th game (The real home opener). The video… from this last weekend.

Also: It appears Jaxson lit himself on fire once in November of 2008… although it was accidentally.


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