Flashback Friday: Oregon Duck Takes On The Houston Cougar… Mascot Fight!

I received a slew of email questions and requests after I posted the following animated picture of The Oregon Duck beating up on The Houston Cougar.

It seems that not very many people know the story of this big event in mascot history.

On September 1st 2007, one of the most famous mascot fights ever documented happened in Eugene Oregon between the mascots from The Oregon Ducks, and the Houston Cougars.

The video tells most of the tale, and it is one of the most watched mascot fight videos on YouTube.

The Duck got a little mad because the Cougar was stealing his “trademark” move of doing pushups after a score. (This is nothing compared to 2001 when Benny Beaver did pregame snow angels on the 50 yard line in Autzen.)

To tell the whole story, The Duck was mad because The Cougar was making out with an Oregon Cheerleader before the game. But really, who hasn’t made out with an Oregon Cheerleader?

Punchy video after the jump:

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  • hi

    go ducky go

  • X/X

    Boooo cougar

  • ???

    the Cougar diserved it too1

  • X- assisi

    To true

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  • Cwm1001

    i love the Oregon Duck and I hope they win the bowl game.January 1, 2011. He is kick ass and is entertaining.CarolAustin TexasGo Irish!Go UT!Go Oregon!

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