Cleveland Cavaliers Mascot Moondog Faces Weak Lawsuit And Even Weaker Arm Tendons

Well, we’ve all heard about mascots getting sued over some crazy claims, but we’re bordering on the ridiculous here.

It seems a man has sued the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Quicken Loans Arena to find out the identity of the Cleveland mascot Moondog.

From Courthouse News Service:

A man sued the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Quicken Loans Arena to discover the identity of the NBA team’s mascot, Moondog, who allegedly struck his arm to make him drop a sign, rupturing a tendon in the process, in Cuyahoga County Court.

Why do you want to know the identity of the mascot? Maybe you can friend him on Facebook? Or go to parties and tell everyone you know who the mascot is? (Neither option helps to get you laid by the way.)

Let’s face it, knowing the true identity of Moondog will not change the fact you have weak arm tendons.

It also won’t change the fact that Moondog pulls more chicks than you do.

Oh, by the way weak arm tendon guy… thanks for complaining so I could post the above picture.


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