Cleveland Cavaliers Mascot Moondog Faces Weak Lawsuit And Even Weaker Arm Tendons


Well, we've all heard about mascots getting sued over some crazy claims, but we're bordering on the ridiculous here. It seems a man has sued the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Quicken Loans Arena to find out the identity of the Cleveland mascot Moondog. From Courthouse News Service: A man sued the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Quicken Loans Arena … [Read more...]


Sacramento Kings Mascot, Slamson Camps Out On Ikea Sign To Sell More Tickets


Well, we've seen this before, and I am sure we'll see it again... Here are the steps to selling tickets in the NBA: Step #1: Find really tall place. Step #2: Put mascot up there. Step #3: Sell tickets? That's what the Sacramento Kings have decided to do as they have put their mascot Slamson on top of the Ikea sign to sell 1000 more … [Read more...]


Jaguars Mascot Jaxson Deville Is Still Crazy… Goes Bungee Jumping

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 8.11.09 PM

Oh my, just when I think the Jacksonville Jaquars mascot has pushed the limits of what he can do (and what the NFL will allow), he goes and pushes the mascot line one step further. Before Sunday's home opener at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jaxson took a dive from the top of the stadium lights... Don't worry, NFL films was there to catch … [Read more...]


Mascots Used To Get Treated With Respect

stanley cup

Before mascots wore stinky suits, dealt with unruly kids, and got sued, they used to get respect. The fact that Kerry Day, mascot for the 1944-1945 Stanley Cup champions Toronto Maple Leafs has his name engraved in the Cup gives us all something to strive for. He must have been one heck of a mascot… I wonder if he got his day with the … [Read more...]


MascHot – Ace, The Toronto Blue Jays Mascot With Miss Universe Canada

Her name is Elena Semikina and she is Miss Universe Canada 2010. Google It. You're welcome. … [Read more...]


St. Louis Rams Reveal Clever New Mascot Name

Well, by now you've probably heard that the St. Louis Rams have jumped on the mascot bandwagon. Well, after ta couple of weeks of voting, they have finally revealed a name. Cleverly enough, the new Rams mascot's name is... RAMpage. (See what they did there?) I guess it's a good name, but we'll see if Rampage can do anything else besides … [Read more...]


St. Louis Rams Unveil New Mascot…

Picture 6

Over the weeekend, The St. Louis Rams unveiled a new face for the organization. That's right, the Rams are the latest team to throw their hat in the NFL mascot ring. Welcome to the club Mr.... Um.... errrr.... Well, he still needs a name, but otherwise, he's pretty cool. New Rams Mascot At The County Fair video after the jump: … [Read more...]


Mascot Home Run Derby Highlights MLB All-Star Weekend

Picture 10

Okay, so I know this is a little late, but we just got back from our own little All-Star break, and boy are my arms tired... of blogging. Anyway, over the All-Star weekend at the MLB fan-fest, many, if not all of the Major League mascots were there entertaining the fans. Well, during one day, they put together a little mascot home run derby … [Read more...]


Miami Heat Mascot Burnie Camps Out For Dwayne Wade

Picture 3

Well, Free Agency is upon us. In other words, a bunch of guys who make 7 million a year for sub-par performance shop themselves around to try and make more money. Well, Dwayne Wade is one of those guys, and he has yet to make a commitment either way. So, in a feat of desperation, Burnie, the mascot of the Miami Heat is making the entry of … [Read more...]


The Utah Jazz Bear Slides From Upper Deck To Floor In 4 Seconds…

Picture 3

With help from Little Giant Ladders, The Utah Jazz Bear stepped it up one notch in his "crazy stunt" arsenal with this upper deck to floor slide. You've seen the Bear slide down the stairs at Energy Solutions Arena before, but never from this high. Awesome stunt, and an awesome mascot. Jazz Bear Upper Deck Drop video after the jump: … [Read more...]