Mascot Beheaded… Forget The Hat Trick, Soccer Now Has The Head Trick

Camisa do Cruzeiro Mascot

Well, as you most likely know, mascots like to keep their true identity under wraps. Well, the mascot from Camisa do Cruzeiro (seen above copping a feel on a lucky fan) has to have a talk with the players about that. After Roger (another silly soccer/football star with one name) scored on Saturday against Atletico-MG, he instantly headed for … [Read more...]


WTF Wednesday? Tiger Mauls 1 in Tokyo Zoo Escape… The Japanese Love Their Mascots.

Picture 14

Every once in a great while we find a video that has nothing to do with sports, but does include a hilarious mascot of some kind. The above video is a re-creation/mock tiger escape parody skit... Whatever, just watch the video... Crazy foreign mascot video after the jump: … [Read more...]


Football (Soccer) Mascot Loses Race In Grand Fashion

Which of the mascots pictured above ends the day with a headache laying on the ground? At a football match recently, the above pictured mascots engaged in a race around the field with the winner getting a date with all the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. (I made that part up). In any case, the prize was so good that one of the mascots decided to … [Read more...]


Burton Albion Fan Arrested For Assaulting His Own Team’s Football Mascot


It's bad enough to lay your hands on a female, and it's bad enough to lay your hands on a mascot, but one 15 year old fan has taken it to the next level by... ... assaulting a female mascot! At a Burton Albion football (soccer for you yankees) match yesterday, a 15 year old took it upon himself to assault Betty Brewer (seen above, far right), … [Read more...]


WTF? SSC Manilla Mascot Ten-Ten Gives These Kids A Show-Show

Picture 7

OK, I struggled over whether to post this or not because of the quality, but I just couldn't help laughing, and needed a mascot WTF of the week, so here you go... Pictured above is Ten-Ten, the mascot for some school in the Philippines. The video is of Ten-Ten dancing for a fifth grade audience at a Christmas party. Well, the humor comes … [Read more...]


WTF… Singapore Slingers Merlion Mascot?


OK, I've been to Singapore, and no doubt it is a beautiful place. But something went wrong when they converted the beautiful and majestic Merlion (Google it) to a mascot. I don't know what the deal is, but this thing looks like it's from the Star Wars cutting floor. … [Read more...]


Rememeber The FIBA Mascot, The Cat Who Thinks He’s A Dog

Fiba Mascot From YouTube

Remember The Fiba Mascot, The cat who thinks hes a dog? Well, FIBA World just released a video of him/her galavanting around Turkey in all of his/her glory. Wait, they have YouTube in Turkey? Check out the video after the jump … [Read more...]


WTF Is This? I Think Even Tiger Woods Has Standards.

This is the mascot from the Cairns Taipans in Australia, claiming that he she it did not have an affair with Tiger Woods. UPDATE: It's a snake. Because, as you know, nothing plays basketball like a snake. … [Read more...]